We're not just geeks who know code. We're experienced marketing experts, bloggers and business people (we have lots of companies). That means we understand the difference between what your audience wants and useless pretty gimmicks.

The Process

Our approach is simple. We work with you all the way to make sure that the result is just what you want.

  1. We assign one of our team to look after your project
  2. You tell us what you want, need and what you're not sure about
  3. We make suggestions about what will work, what won't work and what could be done differently
  4. We go away and create your initial design, letting you know at least once a day where we're up to
  5. We talk to you about every plugin, feature and function that you need
  6. You look at the first draft and tell us what you think
  7. We discuss and implement changes
  8. You approve your new website
  9. We transfer over all of your latest content (if you already hav a blog)
  10. Your new Blog goes live!

The People

For every project, we assign someone to look after you and coordinate with our staff. That means you only need to talk to one person and they'll explain everything and just make it happen for you. They work on the project together to deliver the best results, quickly.

You get their contact details so you can reach them at any time.


Getting Started

To discuss your WordPress project, please contact us. We're really friendly, there's no obligation and absolutely no pushing! We'll listen, make suggestions and give you a quotation.

Local rate tel. 0845 8622 293

Enquiries email info@uonline.co.uk


Unlike many businesses, we take payment on completion, when we know you're happy with your new blog (we're that confident you will be!).

Optional Services

Our WordPress hosting and WordPress optimisation (if you already have a blog) services are really good if you want a super fast website everywhere in the world, secure email and lots of freebies. But you don't have to buy them, we'll build WordPress websites that are hosted elsewhere if you prefer.