Stop Losing Readers!

People just don't wait for slow pages. In fact, independent statistics (from Akami) show that with every additional 1 second of loading time another 5% give up and leave.

Websites lose on average 5% of engagement for every second of loading time.

What do we do?

We analyse your website posts and pages for loading speed, then suggest and implement (with your approval) changes to optimise page performance. We won't make any visual changes to your website, and we'll give you guidelines to follow to make sure that your website stays optimised in the future.

WordPress optimisation takes less than a day (depending on the size of your blog) and we take backups of your website before we start work to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

  1. We run a page loading test on your existing website to get a benchmark

  2. We send you a short WordPress optimisation report with recommendations on speed, best practise, security and usability

  3. We clone your website to a test area on our servers

  4. We optimise your images, posts, html, css, javascript and page requests in our test area

  5. We install any extensions that are required to keep your future posts optimised

  6. You look at what we've done, read our new loading test and approve it

  7. We move your optimised website back to your live site

  8. If you choose to subscribe to our Rocket Cacher service, we will install that and connect it up to Cloudflare Content Delivery network at the same time

optimise today
£75.00 + VAT (one off)

Rocket Cacher Plugin

We offer the WP Rocket plugin as an option. It's a fantastic plugin that really boosts page loading speed, and combined with our optimisation service can produce amazing results. The plugin is exactly as supplied by WP Rocket, but cheaper than buying it directly. Read about it here.

The plugin can be purchased with or without our WordPress optimisation service.

buy rocket cacher
£15 + VAT / year
buy optimisation & rocket cacher
£82.50 + VAT / year


Optimisation is usually completed within a day and it lasts forever (as long as you follow a few rules). Our optimisation service and Rocket Cacher can be purchased separately, or together with a bit of a discount.

buy optimisation
£75.00 ex. VAT (one off)
buy rocket cacher
£15 + VAT / year
buy optimisation + rocket cacher
£82.50 + VAT / year